How to Choose Clothing Accessories

Accessories are an easy and convenient way to change your image. In turn, correctly selected accessories can work wonders they will make your dress with new colors from a dress from last year’s collection, hide flaws and emphasize advantages, and, finally, emphasize your status.

With all the variety of all kinds of jewelry, bags, and gloves, many girls are afraid to make their choice in favor of a bright and unusual accessory. We urge you to get rid of fear and offer to learn how to choose accessories for any clothes, for all occasions!

Before buying your favorite handbag or bracelet, think about what you will combine it with. The more expensive and original the jewelry or another accessory, the easier the outfit should be. Remember, accessories should fill the “voids” of your image, thereby linking the entire kit into a single whole.

Choose clothing accessories based on the time of year. In winter, large jewelry and large bags will look better in order to look better on a textured “background”. In the summer, let it be accessories made of natural materials: wood, ornamental stones like turquoise, amber, as well as corals. Organically fit into the image and accessories made of plastic.

In general, when choosing accessories, use the four basic rules. They will easily help you choose a bag or scarf to your beloved along.

1. Pay attention to the color

When choosing accessories for clothes, it is important to remember the color harmony.

To make the color combination perfect, many stylists resort to one trick. They determine the main, dominant color of clothing (if the outfit is multi-colored) with side vision. Then they determine in which colors the outfit is made warm or cold.

And finally, they turn to the well-known color spectral circle. In it, you need to choose the opposite color, as well as the color triad (these colors should, as it were, form the corners of an isosceles triangle) or two or three colors located next to each other in the spectrum so you will play with shades of the same color.

Bright neon shades combine very well with each other. A great example of street style a young girl picked up neon-yellow jewelry for bright jeans but balanced the flashy combination with a jacket and white top, as well as a bag and shoes in soothing beige tones. A noticeable watch matches the color of the clutch buckle.

2. Choose accessories of the necessary form

Otherwise, they will be knocked out of the general image.

To do this, pay attention to the cut of clothes this is the third rule.

If strict geometric lines prevail in the whole image, then it makes sense to choose jewelry and a bag with clear angles and edges. And, on the contrary, to create a soft and flying look you will need accessories rounded in shape.

3. Cutout shape

For a V-shaped neckline, jewelry that is identical in shape is suitable. For example, a pendant on a long chain that repeats the shape of the neckline, or a necklace of a triangular shape.

The O-shaped neckline suggests the wearing of massive jewelry, without small details (solid), as well as relatively long.

And finally, with strapless clothing, choosing the right accessories is easy. But here there are a few tricks. Pay attention to the cut line of the bust. If it is straight, then choose O-shaped jewelry (like Kim Kardashian), if V-shaped, then chooses jewelry in the shape of a triangle.

If your outfit is sleeveless, do not give up bracelets on your hand. Please note that there should be no accents along the hip line (since the emphasis will be in the form of a bracelet with the arm lowered), only if the bracelets do not emphasize the features of the outfit (such as a bracelet with stones in the form of a snake emphasizes the finish on the pockets of the dress from Matthew Williamson).

No neck accessories required for outfits:

  • with an emphasis on the area around the neck (embroidery, stones, shuttlecocks, etc.);
  • with emphasis on the shoulders;
  • with asymmetric neckline;
  • boat neckline;
  • with an American armhole;
  • outfits made of sequins or shiny fabric. We complement these outfits with simple accessories.

4. Unified style

But, perhaps, the main thing in the image is a set designed in one style. This also applies to accessories in particular. For example, a formal suit in a classic style will not tolerate neighborhood with bright jewelry or “evening” diamonds.

To create a business image, it is enough to “complete” the kit with simple but expensive watches, a neat no-frill ring or small, laconic-shaped earrings. In addition, a fabric bag is not allowed. Choose classic models of leather bags in neutral tones black, gray, beige and others.

And for a party or a date, you can wear beautiful shiny earrings or several metal bracelets of different widths to the playful dress, of course, adding a stylish and bright clutch.